Zero Nexxus Consulting LLC
Zero Nexxus offers active duty members with less than 24 months remaining in service a personalized approach and guidance on filing their VA Claim prior to separating from service. Consultants assess a service members occupational history and advise them on how to approach the claims process. In addition to claims, we advise members on Vocational Rehab and G.I. Bill and offer the applications for both. We also review state and federal level veteran benefits and review the most affordable healthcare, health insurance and life insurance programs available to veterans and dependents. We have multiple packages available and all consultations are performed by active or former SOIDCs or IDCs. Price per consultation range from $150-$500.

A portion of all consultations provides a meal to a homeless veteran through the National Coalition of Homeless Veterans.

Zero Nexxus operates on 3 major principles, employ veterans, assist our future veterans and help the current veteran homeless.

It is important to note that we are not VSOs nor are we accredited by the VA. It is not my intent to speak ill of either organization, they simply lack insight on how to best assist active duty. By the time an active duty member seeks a VSO’s assistance they are behind the curve.

We do not collect or disseminate any HIPAA related information and we do not review a member's medical record. Those practices are outdated. Zero Nexxus has a template of medical and non-medical documentation that when submitted in accordance with our guidance has yielded an average disability rating of 70% for Reconnaissance Marines.

It is the mission of Zero Nexxus to improve the quality of life of all future veterans through access to well-earned benefits

On a personal note, I started Zero Nexxus by making a large withdrawal from my retirement (with my wife's approval, of course). That money was spent on a website that would allow access to a larger population and streamline the workflow. I am a Recon Corpsman through and through and this entire concept was born out of seeing too many of my Reconnaissance brothers leave service with little to nothing to show for it. I'm confident that I can influence change and ensure a brighter future for all Recon Men and Women and their families.
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Rory Farrell