An accomplished international business development executive with over 29 years experience in 76 countries and on seven continents, Bonnie is the founder of Points True North and has conceived and executed global events and experiences at the highest levels for the most discerning clientele around the world. An exceptionally resourceful problem solver and innovative diplomatic seasoned professional well versed in cross cultural standards and practices in both public and private partnerships globally. 

Bonnie is the Ambassador to End Child Soldiering through a joint initiative with the Lobo Institute, she travels and brings awareness to the atrocities in such countries as Uganda, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Central African Republic, DRC, Mali, Yemen, and Colombia. 
Bonnie circumnavigated the globe three times while working at sea, spent a season as an Expedition Guide in Antarctica, and was part of the first team to navigate the daunting ice fields of Lamaire Sound by kayak. In 2007 Bonnie entered the DPRK as part of a team tasked with testing the waters for a more open and hospitable reception to global tourism. 
As an active member of the Junior League Bonnie served as the Chairwoman for The Race for Independance for two consecutive years. She is a member of Meridian International where she thrives in the ever changing collaborations between global leaders to cultivate change and drive solutions. She is honored to be a member of the distinguished Welcome To Washington International Club where she graciously welcomes women from around the world. Bonnie works with SIL  where she has the privilege of teaching etiquette and diplomacy to underprivileged girls striving for a better future. 
Bonnie has always been humbled by the dedication and sacrifice of the Sailors and Marines surrounding her and it was during a conversation at the Marine Corps Ball in Bogota, Colombia, where she realized the Reconnaissance community’s tremendous need for veteran assistance and a partnership was formed. Bonnie was thrilled to join the Marine Reconnaissance Foundation in 2020 to launch the first Traumatically Wounded Teammate’s Retreat in Montana, and has worked tirelessly to turn the program into an annual event that brings teammates together to reconnect and heal.