Recon Gold Star Family Retreat

The Marine Recon Foundation executed our inaugural Recon Gold Star Family Retreat at the Paul Mitchell estate in Lanikai, Oahu from 2-8 May 2019.
The retreat included members of six Recon or Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsmen (SARC) families of fifteen total family members representing each Recon Battalion & Force Recon Co.

The Reconnaissance Foundation provided the retreat all expenses paid and could not have been accomplished without supporters of the Reconnaissance Community and the numerous generous donors from individual families to small and large businesses.

During the retreat, the families co habituated on the beautiful Paul Mitchell Estate, and were able to form strong bonds with other special families who have shared experiences. They laughed, cried, celebrated, reminisced and remembered…together.

Our families were also able to experience numerous experiences such as yoga, scuba diving, private helicopter tours, a Marine General Officer escorted tour of Pearl Harbor on the Pacific Fleet Commander’s Barge, a curator led tour of the USS Missouri, a private Hawaiian Luau, observing the 11th MEU Maritime Raid Force (MRF)/Force Recon Det. direct action raid on a target, a private tour of Koolau distillery and a day trip to Waikiki for shopping.

The Reconnaissance Foundation has already confirmed that we will execute our Gold Star Retreat in Hawaii at the Paul Mitchell Estate in Lanikai each year, and we are set for next year (2020). The current plan is to fly all six families out to Camp Pendleton to attend the Reconnaissance Communities annual “Recon Challenge” on 30 April hosted by the Reconnaissance Training Company (RTC), then onward to Oahu Hawaii for the Retreat in Lanikai at the Paul Mitchell Estate 2-8 May 2020.

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