“Building stronger defenses and families”

MRF is committed towards providing continual financial and technical support to all on-duty personnel and their families. With our experience and liaisons with leading institutions, we envisage complete and comprehensive, continual and need-based services and support for the Marine Reconnaissance Community. This includes easy documentation, ad-hoc based measures, tax-free contributions, fund disbursements and medical and emergency support. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Emergency Help

We realize the importance of setting up easily accessible 24/7 emergency and medical assistance for all active duty operators. Our emergency help offers complete medical and intensive care to all wounded personnel, as well as their families. Signing up with the MRF offers:

  • Complete medical assistance to all wounded and critically wounded operators
  • Any modifications to their homes and vehicles, due to injury or recovery
  • Financial support to service members’ families, relatives and non-conforming relatives
  • Traveling facilities for service members’ families to be by their side during any surgery
  • Extended hospital days and full coverage of daily room charges and medications
  • Immediate financial response to families of deceased/fatally wounded service members
  • Complete coverage of all living expenses during accident and recovery
  • Rent, utilities, car payments, mortgage, school supplies, car insurance, clothing, food and gas coverage for the families of all deployed and active members
  • Any emergency services or other support for the spouse of deployed service members when they are unable to take care of the children, due to some ailment or medical emergency
  • Any other financial or ancillary support in the event of a loss of life or critical injury of a serving member and their family


Education and Training

We help able and willing trainees and active duty operators meet their tier 1 level selection and produce competent and capable recon personnel along the way. In addition, we provide any and every assistance for discharged personnel to reintegrate back to the civilian workforce with the greatest of ease and within the shortest time frame. This ensures a minimal lead and transition time.



We help devise a support environment for wounded personnel that offer the quickest recoveries, complete financial assistance, tax-free contributions and several other benefits. Our services encompass the training, the serving, as well as the post-service life of all active duty personnel (see our Veterans Section). In particular, we provide:

  • Free entry and travel expense allowance and reimbursement to all wounded operators who compete as a part of the MRF team
  • Assistance to all wounded operators who compete for the MRF team to purchase specialized sporting equipment


Why Choose MRF?

With a winning track record and financials, the Marine Reconnaissance Foundation is one of the leading support organizations for all Marine Recon, veterans and Active Duty Personnel and their families. Our global outreach has enabled us to provide tailor-made support and assistance to service members engaged even in the most remote regions of the world, and to their families settled within or outside the United States. The MRF benefits offer unparalleled and unconditional support for the entire Reconnaissance Community.

How to Qualify for MRF Assistance?


All services rendered by the MRF are confidential and are intended for all family members of the veterans. All conversations with the organization are confidential and cannot be re-played or refurbished at the behest of the clients. The applicant shall apply with their DD-214 and Photo ID and request for a Family Representative.

To learn more about our quality services and tailor-made assistance and about our financials, please feel free to contact us!