Andre Bosier enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on 21 October 1991 and retired 30 September 2013, serving faithfully for 22 years. Andre Bosier retired at the rank of Master Sergeant (E8) from 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion.

Andre Bosier graduated from Mirabeau Lamar Senior High School in Houston, Texas where he was a member of the 1990 championship ROTC drill team. Upon graduating in 1991, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps with a military occupation specialty of Radio Operator (2531).  Once at field radio operators’ course in twenty-nine palms, PFC Bosier was qualified on the PRC-77, PRC-113, and the PRC-104. PFC Bosier superbly performed his duties while serving as squad leader, earning the respect of his instructors and awarded a meritorious mast at the completion of training. Andre traveled to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina where he volunteered and indoctrinated for service with 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion. 

As a member of 2nd Recon Bn., PFC Bosier excelled fromPrivate First Class to Lance Corporal, and Corporal.  His billets comprised of team RTO, Platoon RTO, and HRST Master.  Schools attended were Reconnaissance Indoctrination Platoon (RIP), Airborne school, HRST Master, Marine Combat Diver course, French Foreign Legion Jungle Commando Course, andSpecial Forces SERE training.  Significant training operations consisted of jungle training in South America, artic training during Battle Griffin in Norway, and assault climbers course, Bridgeport, Ca.  Cpl Bosier became well versed on the PSC-3 satcom radio, LST-5 satcom radio, and the DCT.  He served in three of the four companies at 2nd Recon Bn; Bravo Company, Charlie Company, and Delta Company.  In 1994, Andre received orders to 3rd Detachment Force Recon, 3rd Surveillance and Reconnaissance Intelligence Group (SRIG), Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan.

As a member of 3rd Force Recon Company, Cpl Bosier was selected to represent Reconnaissance communications while supporting Joint Task Force Full Accounting (JTF-FA) who’s mission was to account for Americans who are listed as Prisoners of War (POW) or Missing in Action (MIA).  Cpl. Bosier worked alongside experts of the U.S. military that excelled in ordnance disposal, forensics, survey, geology, intelligence, and other technical areas.  Cpl Bosier established communications equipment in remote areas and provided high frequency (HF) communications to supporting agencies.  Because of his excellent tactical abilities as a Recon Marine, Cpl Bosier proved to be a valuable asset to his team during rescue efforts to retrieve a team in the mountains of Vietnam.  Because of his situational awareness and his ingenuity, Bosierwas able to communicate with the disabled team when no one else could, retrieve their grid coordinates, and coordinate helicopter support for extraction of the team and its injured party.  Cpl Bosier was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for his actions. 

In 1995, 3rd Det Force Recon Company was re-designated to 5thForce Recon Company.  Cpl Bosier was promoted to Sgt and then to SSgt during his tenure on Okinawa.  His billets comprised of tm RTO, Platoon Communications Chief, Marine Special Purpose Force (MSPF) Assault leader, and MSPF Assault explosive breacher. Schools attended were Military Free Fall school, Mountain Leader course, and Static Line Jumpmaster course.  Toward the end of his tour in Okinawa, SSgt Bosier completed three deployments with the 31st Marine Expedition Unit (MEU) and deployed to Desert Fox.  In 1999, SSgt Bosier requested orders to 1st Force Recon Company.

Arriving at 1st Force Recon Company, SSgt Bosier completed the indoctrination once again and immediately established himself as trustworthy Recon Communications Marine.  SSgt Bosier attended the Military Free Fall Jumpmaster course, and Mountain Survival Course.  SSgt Bosier’s teams utilized PRC – 117’s, MBITR’s, PRC-150’s, Singars, and data communication in conjunction with MSIDS (imagery devices).  Communications became increasingly complex and robust.  SSgt Bosier provided technical training to his teammates to enable everyone to become self-sufficient in the art of communications, much like medical training to insure everyone can perform self-aid before corpsman aid.  He deployed with 3rdplatoon while attached to the 11th MEU in 2001, and then with 1st platoon to Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 with the 15thMEU.  While in Iraq, SSgt Bosier’s team operated from the southern border of Umm Qasar, Iraq to the battle of Nasiriyah where his team supported efforts to rescue Jessica Lynch.   Upon completion of his OIF deployment, he was hand selected as a unique member of Marine Corps Special Operations Command Detachment 1 (MCSOCOM DET 1).

Now promoted to Gunnery Sergeant and a plank owner of Det 1,GySgt Bosier served as Assistant Team Leader for Team 5. During this time, GySgt Bosier attended the advanced staff academy, and the Martial Arts Instructor Trainer CourseDET 1 deployed to Iraq in 2004 under the command of Naval Special Warfare Group 1. GySgt Bosier played a vital role in the development of the units communications training and establishment of standard operating procedures (SOP’s) for tactical communications while fighting in urban environments.The unit returned from operations in 2005 and was disbanded in July of 2006 in which time, GySgt Bosier was directed to help organize the development of 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion (MSOB).

In August of 2006, GySgt Bosier returned to 1st Force Recon Company as it prepared to designated itself as 1st MSOB. GySgt Bosier assumed duties as the Radio chief and immediately established a training program for all incoming communicators. This training concentrated on current technologies that were not in the Marine Corps current inventory. Using his connections at Naval Special Warfare, GySgt Bosier sent Marines to acquire necessary qualifications on specialized equipment to prepare them for operations with SOCOM. GySgt Bosier deployed with 1st Marine Special Operations Company Alpha (MSOC A) as the company communications chief to the Philippines in support of operations against terrorist.  GySgt Bosier then became the Team Chief for MSOC Alpha during operations in Afghanistan.  His ability to provide tactical and technical leadership during MARSOC’s early introduction to SOCOM was vital to the success of MARSOC’s future. Upon completion of his deployment as Team Chief, GySgt Bosier return to Camp Pendleton, was promoted to Master Sergeant and assume duties as Communications Chief of 1st Marine Special Operations Support.

MSgt Bosier served as Communications Chief of SOTF 81 and deployed to Afghanistan in 2009.  During this time, MSgt Bosier provided tactical and data communications for SOTF West Afghanistan.  He successfully coordinated with conventional and unconventional commands in support of operations in Afghanistan, specifically in the Herat province.  MSgt Bosier would deploy again in 2011, but as the Future Operations Chief, working in the S-3 section of the SOTF.  This would be MSgt Bosier’s last deployment before retiring on September 30, 2013.

MSgt Bosier’s awards include Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Combat “V”, Navy Achievement Medal, Combat Action Ribbon (Iraq and Afghanistan).

MSgt Bosier’s actions after retirement from active duty, involves endless development of elite leaders and indestructible teams, while cultivating a warrior mindset in daily endeavors.  He coached youth and high school as a head coach for La Costa Canyon High School, and served as a board member with Pop Warner youth football. He is the founder of Standard Elite, aLeadership and Team development company.  Andre believes success begins with adherence to high standards and full accountability of those established standards.  Athletes and coaches have benefited from Andre’s powerful presence and some are currently competing and coaching at the professional level.  He has transformed athletes into elite humans.  

When he is not providing mentorship to athlete warriors, he spends time with family and friends over great food, conversation, and laughter. Andre Bosier currently resides in La Costa, California.


Andre Bosier was born July 11, 1973 in Houston, Texas.