Why Should You Run for the Marine Corps Marathon- with the MRF?

Every year, the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) showcases the organizational skills of the US Marine Corps by generating community awareness and goodwill and promoting physical fitness. Established in 1976, MCM currently ranks as the fourth biggest marathon in the United States and ranks ninth at the world level. Held in Washington D.C. and Arlington, Virginia, the event brings together runners from all the corners of the country and is commonly known as the “People’s Marathon”.
MCM is open to runners aged 14 and above. One of the most prominent features of the MCM is that it does not offer any prize money. The event is organized solely for the cause of supporting the US Marines. All participation and registration fees are donated for the welfare of the nation’s finest. This includes their medical treatment, veteran benefits, and other assistance.
The 2015 Marine Marathon is scheduled for October 25, 2015 in Arlington. The Marine Reconnaissance Foundation encourages and facilitates runners to participate in the event. We’re recruiting the best runners for this initiative. This will not only help you play your part in generating adequate funds for the benefit of the Marine Recon Operators and the US Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsmen and their spouses and families, but also offer a number of other benefits.


Here are a few reasons why you should join the MRF for the marathon:

Guaranteed Entry

Currently, most of the lottery tickets to the marathon have been sold out. If you feel like you’ve missed out on an opportunity, then sign up today with the Marine Reconnaissance Foundation. Recruitment guarantees participation.


Timely Preparation

Although there’s no prize money involved, ranking 1st in the marathon does offer several other benefits. With MRF, you can avail a strategy session for the race weekend from the leading experts of the World of Marathon. You can learn the tips and tricks and do some practice and warm-up runs before the grand event.


Course of your Choice

With MRF recruitment, you can easily choose from a wide variety of marathon training programs, based on your own preference and cardio regimen. The courses are designed to prep you up for the upcoming event and are tailor-made to suit your needs.


Daily Reminders

MRF offers daily reminders for the marathon and related events. This includes emails, messages and short tips on how to work on your speed and endurance, the best nutrition and the proper workout necessary for the marathon.


Other Benefits

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, participation in the marathon through MRF recruitment offers several other advantages, such as:
• Complimentary gifts, such as MRF t-shirts, kits, sport shoes and other necessary items

• Complete access to the MRF online community, through which you can easily connect with other participants and veterans who’ve previously participated in the race.
Sign up today with the FirstGiving homepage with MRF and learn more on the benefits of the marathon and how you can play your part in supporting our veterans and serving members and their families!




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